Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Friday Cask Ale: Triple Dry Hopped IPA 6/4/10!

Down here at the brewery we are excited about the upcoming Carpinteria First Friday celebration and the release of our next cask conditioned ale, a triple dry hopped IPA! This cask ale is unfiltered, features a naturally light carbonation, and in the British tradition, is served at ambient/cellar temperature. The flavor profile features a big Cascade and Columbus hop bitterness and flavor, along with the citrus inspired aroma of additional Cascade hops. Furthermore, the hoppy goodness is balanced by a complex malt bill featuring heirloom Maris Otter barley. Cask IPA clocks in at 61 IBUs and 6.3% ABV. Sounds like a tasty brew... see you Friday for a first taste!

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