Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Beer Release: Perpetual Saison

When we're talking about craft beer and craft breweries, little compares to the excitement of a new beer release. As fall winds into winter, tap selections start to rotate, and brewers start designing new recipes. This change of season finds us introducing our latest release, the Perpetual Saison.

Saisons are farmhouse ales traditionally brewed in Belgium at the end of winter to be consumed throughout the summer months by farm workers. Historically, the farm workers were given a one liter bottle daily ration. "We brewed this Saison in November and it seemed like day after day of 85 degrees and sun, we were stuck in perpetual summer, thus the name," said head brewer Ryan Morrill. "The end result is a beer with high fruitiness and moderate hopping with a light-to-medium body that weighs in with 5.4% abv and 25 IBUs. Think a combination of fruity, hoppy, and spicy, but not too strong to be refreshing.

There's a unique flavor spectrum found only with Belgian beers, and this is the first of three Belgium beers we will be brewing. The first keg of Perpetual Saison will be waiting for you at the brewery Wednesday, November 26.

Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Annual Tri-Brewery Volksmarch and Canned Food Drive

1st Annual Tri-Brewery Volksmarch and Canned Food Drive

With the number of craft beer breweries in this seaside town now equaling the number of stoplights (that would be 3), Island Brewing Company, Rincon Brewery, and BrewLAB are teaming up for the 1st Anuual Tri-Brewery Volksmarch and Canned Food Drive. The idea is simple: embrace the old German tradition of the 'Volksmarch', or people walk, and hike a 2.3-mile route from brewery to brewery to brewery in the aim of supporting our local Santa Barbara Food Bank (http://www.foodbanksbc.org/) while promoting fitness, fun and fellowship.

The walk starts Sunday, November 16, at 1:30 pm at Island Brewing Company. All participants will be required to donate two cans of food, after which they receive passports that will be stamped at each brewery. The first stop will be a visit to the newly opened Rincon Brewery, followed by a walk to the other newly opened BrewLAB, following the final leg back at Island Brewing Company for more food, frivolity, and a commemorative medal.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Next in the Variance IPA series: Avo Honey IPA!

 Island Brewing Company has released the Avo IPA, the latest in its Variance Series of IPAs. Last year was the first time in the brewery’s 13-year history that the Avocado Honey Ale was produced year-round instead of only as a seasonal beer offered in the fall. This year, the  brewing team decided to design a beer that would not only complement Carpinteria's biggest event of the year, the Avocado Festival (held Oct 3-5), but also bring a new approach to brewing an IPA.

“We added 60 lbs of locally sourced avocado honey from Carpinterian avocado groves,” said Head Brewer Ryan Morrill, “and then added Columbus, Chinook, and Cascade hops. The end result is that we have a beer we’re pretty excited about, one that weighs in at 6.9 % abv and 62 IBUs. There’s a real nice light honey flavor that balances out an even bitterness for a very drinkable IPA.”
And if history is any indication, the Variance Avo IPA won’t last long. Attendance at the Avocado Festival has been steadily climbing annually to include some 100,000 people that descend on the usually sleepy beachside town of Carpinteria. With any luck and a little planning, future Avocado Festivals may just see the brewery able to offer pints at the festival itself. For now though festival goers will have to find their way down to the brewery to sample some of the nine beers on tap and take advantage of fresh, local, handcrafted 16 oz. pints for $4, ocean views, and unparalleled camaraderie.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Community to Step Up for Bone Marrow Donor Testing Event: Are you a match for Magnus?

There are many things we do around here at the brewery, but Saturday, September 13 from 11:00 - 5:00, we, with hopefully you, will be doing some of the most important work there is. We'll be hosting a donor testing event in the aims of finding a bone marrow donor for Magnus Kalins, a local three-year old with leukemia. Erik is the son of Anna and Erik Kalins, and grandson to Dr. Zemjanis (aka Dr. Z) of Beach Medical Clinic. This is the part where the community steps up. We'll be offering a free pint to the first 100 who participate. It's a simple, ten minute swab of the mouth. If you are or know anyone of Latvian descent, we'll be happy to extend any and all enticements to get you here. There will be a grill full of tri-tip and jewelry sale fund raiser. Hope to see you then!

Here's a write up from the Coastal View:

Clock ticks on toddler’s life: Three-year-old with leukemia needs bone marrow match
By Kateri Wozny
Magnus Kalins is a typical energetic toddler; he loves playing with his Legos, with Disney’s “Cars” on a racetrack and with his sand and water table.
“To get all his energy out, we sometimes even pull out the futon couch and pad it so he can run, wrestle and have pillow fights,” said Anna Kalins, Magnus’ mother.
With such a fun, loving spirit, no one would imagine that anything is wrong with Magnus. However, in late June, he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia called Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia, one of three types of children’s leukemias.
JMML is difficult to treat, and a bone marrow transplant is the only cure. Sadly, no one in Magnus’ family is a perfect match. If left untreated, he might not make it to see his 5th birthday.
Early signs
Shortly after Easter, the Kalins family noticed Magnus had severe bruising on his shins and petechiae (broken capillaries). After visiting their local pediatrician, they discovered that Magnus had an abnormal white blood cell count, and he was later admitted to Ventura County Hospital, followed by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for a platelet transfusion, all within an eight-hour span.
“We were just so concerned and wanted answers,” Anna said.
At the time of his diagnosis, Magnus’platelet count was 14,000, while a normal person’s is more than 150,000.
“The doctors were amazed that he has so much energy and that he showed no other symptoms (of JMML),” Anna said.
Although the family was devastated to hear the news, they immediately began taking steps to make sure Magnus stays healthy. Currently, he needs a blood transfusion about every seven to 10 days and is also on a low dose chemotherapy drug called 6-Mercaptopurine (or 6 –MP), which he takes twice a day.
“Magnus only has skin reactions from the medications,” Anna said. “And when we take him to the hospital, we explain to him that the doctors are trying to fix his blood.”
Taking precautions
Magnus is limited in what he can do throughout an average day, such as playing outside, interacting with his peers or going to the grocery store due to the chance of catching a virus. If he takes walks with his family, he must be in a stroller. His mother and father also keep a constant eye on him to keep him from falling or bumping himself due to the risk of hemorrhaging.
“He caught a cold from my mom and he was admitted to the ER for four days with a 106 degree fever,” said Erik, Magnus’ father. “We take precautions.”
Magnus also takes a bath every day with Epson salt to draw out toxins and can only wear clothes once before washing them.
“We have to keep everything separate. It’s hard when he hears his baby sister (3-month-old Zane) cry and he wants to help,” Anna explained. “We have Lysol wipes and hand sanitizers everywhere. We also do laundry and wash dishes daily.”
Community steps up
Upon hearing the news of Magnus’ illness, many friends and neighbors have reached out to help the Kalins with chores such as cleaning their house and fixing them dinners. The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation is also helping by giving the Kalins family a grant, gas gift cards and marketing a series of fundraisers that will take place next month throughout Southern California.

“We’re overwhelmed with the support from the community and are very thankful and blessed,” Anna said.
Dr. John Zemjanis, family practitioner at Beach Medical Clinic and Magnus’ grandfather, has also been going the distance to help his grandson. Over the past few months, he has reached out to experts who know more about JMML, such as doctors at U.C. San Francisco and University of Minnesota. “They offer great support and advice,” he said. “I am very grateful to those who have been willing to communicate with me.”
Match 4 Magnus
Teddy Bear is also working closely with Be The Match, a nonprofit that recruits bone marrow donors. Donors that are 18- to 44-years-old can register for free with a promo code. Those between the ages of 45 to 60 are asked for a donation of $100 to cover the testing costs.
The family is staying strong and hopeful for a donor match. If one is found, it could take up to 90 to 100 days in the hospital to complete the bone marrow transplant.
“We just take it day by day, one step at a time,” Anna said.

Can’t attend one of the fundraiser events? Visit join.bethematch.org and enter promo code MATCH4MAGNUS if you are between the ages of 18 to 44.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Surf'n'Suds: The Beer Festival in the Front Yard

If you're reading this, and don't have tickets, it may be too late, or you may get lucky and be just in time. Stop what you're doing right, now. And cruise on over to  http://deepfest.com/ for tickets.
The 2nd annual Surf'n'Suds Beer Festival is nearly upon us.

With over 55 craft breweries and wineries, local surfboard shapers, live music by Cornerstone, the UnUsual Suspects, Afishnsea the Moon, and DJ Hecktik, it's going to be quite a Saturday.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Island Brewing Company Seeks Tasting Room Manager

Island Brewing Company Seeks Tasting Room Manager

Island Brewing Company seeks a tasting room manager to oversee day-to-day operations. The successful candidate will facilitate all aspects of running the tasting room and enhance the customer's overall experience at the brewery.

We're looking for an efficient, organized person who brings an uncommon knowledge of beer and the brewing process, someone who can manage staff and increase on-site retail sales. In short, we're looking for a hands-on tasting room manager who can step in where and when needed, while bringing a passionate enthusiasm and knowledge of Island Brewing Company beer to locals and visitors alike.

 Job responsibilities include:
-Ensuring customers have a great experience
-Supervising, managing, and educating tasting room staff.
-Scheduling tasting room staff.
-Monitoring sales and making recommendations for improvement.
-Ensuring tasting room is operating at optimum performance levels.
-Monitoring inventory of all retail items.
-Managing/ increasing the Island Nation beer membership club.
-Conducting brewery tours.
-Contributing ideas to the Island Brewing team to increase traffic including, advertising, promotions, and innovative PR events.

Bachelor's Degree preferred. Four or more years in hospitality, preferably in a setting involving craft beer. Cicerone certificate desired. We’re looking for someone with excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as organizational skills, and the ability to follow through on projects with minimal supervision, with a relaxed, friendly, and professional demeanor. The ideal candidate will bring strong analytical and math skills combined with superb interpersonal managing skills.

 Working Conditions:
-Regular working schedule will include weekends and holidays.
-Special events/peak season will require additional working hours.
-Moderate to heavy physical work (moving cases and kegs, boxes of merchandise).
-Long periods of standing (8 hours per day).
-Bussing and washing glasses to keep tasting room clean, as required.
-Ability to lift kegs (50 lbs-140 lbs).

 This is a full time position with salary and medical benefits.

 Please email resume to paul@islandbrewingcompany.com

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Avocado Honey Ale Named Among 13 Uniquely Flavored Beers That Will Make You Question Everything

We were stoked to have the Avocado Honey Ale recently listed in a piece from BuzzFeed titled 13 Uniquely Flavored Beers That Will Make You Question Everything. BuzzFeed is a part of Esquire networks, and let's just say that a lot more people read their posts than will ever read this one! But onward! We joined the heavy hitters like New Belgium, Maui Brewing Company, Flying Dog, and Rogue as well as a few lesser known breweries in list of beers that included everything from pizza, to crème brulee, garlic, and, donut maple bacon ale...obviously you're just going to have to read the piece yourself. In a lot of ways, it's a silly little thing, but in a larger sense it shows the true spectrum of what craft breweries are up to these days, and we're excited to be a part of it. So buy some Avocado Honey Ale now, before the online hoards get it!