Thursday, April 10, 2014

Return of the Variance IPA Series: Variance 5256!

Return of the Variance: Variance 5256!
Your new favorite beer is back, if that makes any sense. So here is the latest in the Variance IPA series from our masterminds in the back of the brewery, also a West Coast IPA, but one that features the prominent magic of an experimental hop known only as #5256. Think pine forward aroma and taste in a medium bodied IPA with 74 IBUs and 7.3% abv. Very drinkable, and in short, very delicious. Who knows, maybe you could use one.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Island Brewing Company Names Ryan Morrill to Head Brewer

Island Brewing Company announced today that Ryan Morrill has been named to the position of Head Brewer. “We’re happy to announce the promotion of Ryan to Head Brewer for the brewery,” says owner Paul Wright. “Ryan started as a delivery driver with us four years ago, then moved into the cellar as an assistant brewer, and from day one he has been a major driving force in our efforts toward brewing fresh, flavorful, and local beer.”

The move signals a renewed energy for the brewery. “Ryan has proved a great asset for the brewery and consistently raised the bar in terms of brewing technique and expertise. His consistency and insight promises to improve our capabilities in terms of what we offer now and what we’ll be offering in the future. The promotion follows our philosophy of promoting from within and as the brewery grows, so likewise do its personnel.” 

Recent new beer releases have garnered praise and awards. In January, Island Brewing Company’s Jubilee Ale earned 92 points at the World Beer Championships. The brewery is currently in the midst of its Variance IPA series, in which it brews a new style of IPA every ten weeks. The release of the Big Island, a barleywine has captivated locals and visitors alike while the return of the King Tide, a double IPA, has won favor among beer enthusiasts favoring hop-forward beers.

Ryan is an avid home brewer and long time resident of Carpinteria with a penchant for brewing with conventional and unconventional ingredients. Ryan brings enthusiasm for the brewing process and we’re excited to see what the future holds."Definitely excited," says Ryan of the position." I'm Happy to be brewing in Carpinteria and looking forward to pushing some more boundaries and continuing the trend of brewing great beer here." 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Your New Favorite Beer: All Hail the KING TIDE

Your New Favorite Beer: All Hail the KING TIDE
On the odd chance you don't already know it, your new favorite beer has arrived here at Island Brewing Company. The King Tide, as we are calling it, has many beautiful things about it, the glinting and gorgeous copper color, that delicate lace producing head, the inscrutable Double IPA regalness. We're talking about 85 IBUs with Centennial and Zythos hops surging in to buoy your taste buds. The 9.8% ABV is sure to have you rummaging through some interesting parts of your brain, and sharing the finds with your friends. We're doing full 16 oz pints for $6, and Island Nation Members savor the goodness for $4. So in short, now you know!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jubilee, Pumpkin, Wild Turkey Oak Chip Cask!

T-day is nearly upon us and to celebrate we're tapping what will be a very unique cask condition ale Wednesday. Here's what's happening. First, we brew the Jubilee, our Old Ale, with its big malt flavors, flavors that make the enthusiastic kind of lose it the rare times we run out of it on tap. Then we age it in a cask, throw in some pumpkin and some oak chips soaked in Wild Turkey. The end result? Well, we don't know yet. But come Wednesday at the brewery, we will. Be among the select few that will get a taste of this special beer. One thing is for sure: it won't last long!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Island Brewing Company Delivery Van Spotting Contest!

Island Brewing Company Delivery Van Spotting Contest

We were so stoked on how our delivery van came out that we are having a van spotting contest!

The rules are pretty simple: if you see the van, take a picture of it, tag where you are and post it! There will be two categories: most number of photos will get you the win, as will the most creative. You don't have to be in the photo, you do have to keep it safe: (i.e. don't get run over by the van trying to take a picture of it.) And tempting as it may be, you can't just hang out at the brewery and take pictures of it parked. But you already knew that.

Where do you post? It’s your choice of three convenient places.

On our Facebook page:

On Instagram: @islandbrewingcompany

On Twitter: @islandbrewingco

We're going to have running tallies posted at the brewery so you’ll know you are in the lead.

Oh: what will you win? How about $70 gift certificate (each category) and the bragging rights that go with it?  Contest ends at the end of November. Should be fun: Ready, set, go!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Look for the Delivery Van!

Super stoked on the new look for the delivery van: the wrap came out awesome and you'll doubtlessly be seeing more of us zooming up and down the Santa Barbara coast area! Stay tuned for some fun spot-the-delivery-type contests!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Contest! Monday Oct 28!

Halloween is almost here and there's been no shortage of goblins asking us about the details of our annual Pumpking Carving Contest. This year may be a little tricky, but we're going ahead any way: dress warm. The sharp tool wielding among you will know that we usually held this event in the back of the brewery in years past. However, since our new tanks are back there now, we're momentarily out of space. So. The plan is to rig up our big white tent out front and give it a whirl. So mark the calendar, or scratch off whatever maybe already there. Monday  5:30-8:30, we'll be hacking and slicing and dicing. The pumpkin innards will be flying. And prizes will be given to old and young alike. Juding at 7:45!